Become Fluent in 2019 | The #1 strategy to gain fluency and confidence in English

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Not everyone is going to like this episode.
I know that.
In particular, educators and institutions that base their revenue model on getting their students to consume and buy as much content as possible, and invest more.

More videos, more practice time, more products, more ‘like a native speaker’. (Oh, how I HATE the term “like a native speaker”)

You see, I don’t think that more is better.
More is overwhelming, more is excessive, more is defeating.
More is the reason you quit.

You see,
I want you to succeed. I want you to see change in your life.
I want you to get new opportunities in the coming year.
I want you to see it IS possible.

Today I’m sharing with you my winning strategy to becoming fluent. This strategy is based on focused learning, effective practice and developing the right mindset.

Have an amazing, joyous and exciting year.
I hope that you keep surprising yourself every single day this year.

With lots of love,


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14 Comments on “Become Fluent in 2019 | The #1 strategy to gain fluency and confidence in English”

  1. Hi Hadar. Do you have any course online? How can I enroll in it. As I’d like to better my accent.

  2. Hi Hadar:

    My biggest challenge is fluency. My plan is practicing the most basic and common phrases, and then go on the more advanced ideas and elaborated vocabolary.

    I can spend 1 hour daily, 6 days a week.

    Thank you so much for sharing these videos. God bless you and your family.

  3. Hello Hadar.
    I would like to lift my confidence. and be fluent in speaking English

  4. Hi everyone!

    1.) My biggest challenge is : What to learn!!?? I used to watch anything related to English ( youtube videos about pronunciation, phrasal verbs etc) Just the way you described in your video. I watch at least one episode of my favorite TV show every single day, I listen to podcasts every night…
    And I still don’t know what exactly I should focus on. Hence it is difficult for me to answer question 2.

    2.) My plan? Focus on ??? I need a little help here 😉
    I try to start by talking to myself in English, but there has to be more I can do 😉

    I can make 1 hour every day ( 5 times a week)

  5. thank you! you gave hope! daily, I understand, almost 70% from what I am hearing when someone is talking to me, but like you said, when I start to speak, I gets cold feet. your video, gave me the me strength to keep trying, and start with yours attitude. well done!

  6. Thank You Hadar!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    thank you for this incredibly motivational video and all your knowledge you share with us.
    I can’t express how much I love your energy.
    You have a big heart and always know how to cheer us up!

    My biggest struggle I think is a lack of confidence.
    What I’m going to commit doing is recording one video a week. I need to get used to seeing and hearing myself on the camera.
    I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of this amazing community !

    Good luck in everything in the new 2019!


  7. I should say that I liked your video. I liked both you and your way of giving information. Logically, clearly without wasting time. You are superb teacher! My problem is lack of confidence. It’s difficult to find words while speaking so l can’t speak automatically and easily. I think I need more practice.

  8. You the best. This is the first time I hear truth about leaning English, although I supposed it. Thank you very much! For me it is very difficult to speak when you are surrounded by fluent speakers. You are always charged!

  9. I feel very blessing to meet you in this time of my life. This is the very first time that I feel that the English “mission” it possible. I want to thanks you for that.
    You succeeded to plant the seeds into my heart.
    Thanks you for that

  10. What a great (and beautiful) teacher!!

    Thank you very much for your videos!! I am glad to have found them.

  11. Thank You so much Hadar !
    You are an excellent psychologist, too. I’m a bit competent to judge because I’m a psychiatrist, as well. I specialized myself to deal with depression and other problems resulting in inhibition of learned activities which however became automatized by long practice. E.g. handwriting, fluent talking. Or simply tying our necktie or shoelace…etc We usually don’t pay any attention when executing these activities. Disturbance of such activities may arise when a “vicious devil” gets into our mind and plants the idea that we are not capable more to execute e.g. fluent talking for any reason. From that point we shall compulsively observe ourselves. This obsessive-compulsive, anxious self observation will inhibit the automatized activity – e.g. fluent speaking.
    Often this “devil Sourabh” comes from the environment. E.g., the prejudice called ageism is such a devil which planted itself into my mind. Being 84 next February, my voice has changed. These changes are strengthened by chronic laryngitis. Sometimes speaking even my native tongue I have problems to let understand myself. Particularly on the phone. The situation is worsened that I myself expect in advance owing to “devil Sourabh” (not consciously by strongly unconsciously) that my listeners will not understand me.
    So my problem is partly a medical one. That is, to cure my vocal chords. However, the main struggle will take place with “devil Sourabh” (Unfortunately time travel backwards isn’t among the options)
    Dear Hadar, thank you again so much. Laszlo Latzkovits

  12. Thanks Hadar. You are very motivational.

    I think one of the things I struggle with is the confidence. I can speak decent English, more or less, but my stage fright adds to my struggle of speaking in public around a larger group.

    But your tips sounds like they can be very useful. I will definitely try to ignore that “Devil Sourabh” who constantly discourage me from speaking in public.

    Thanks for the video!!

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