Fluency, confidence and teaching English on YouTube

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When Andres just moved to NYC 3 years ago, he wanted his friends to learn English so they could move to NYC and live the life they’d always dreamed of.
Only there was one problem: They didn’t speak English.

“Go to YouTube and learn English”, he said.
“But Andres, everything is SO BORING”, they answered.

So he did what every good friend would do.
He opened a YouTube channel.

Long story short,
He now has 474 000 subscribers on his channel ‘Andres En Ingles’
And when you watch the interview I had with him when I was in NYC last October, you’ll understand why.

In Part 1 of the interview we talk about his story, about speaking English with confidence, pronunciation, limiting beliefs, and so much more.

In Part 2 we talk about how to pronounce some of the most complicated words in English and it’s so FUNNNNN!

Ok, now, let’s talk! Tell me in the comments below the video what you liked about this conversation the most, and if you want to see more interviews like this one!


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4 Comments on “Fluency, confidence and teaching English on YouTube”

  1. GD Hadar

    This vbog was interesting.
    Anderes lives in US so he’s more practise learning English
    He speaks English well
    Good luck & Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi, Rachel, how are you, hope fine. I’m fine, really excited by watching your video and what I liked the most was your both very free and natural behavior, energy, temperament, sense of humor and gleams in your eyes. Kudos.

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