Flap T and R transition

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You know those words that you use ALL of the time,
but every time they come out of your mouth you know it’s not how they’re supposed to sound?

And while is NOT a big deal to pronounce something with an accent,
the fact that you become conscious of your pronunciation (or, self-conscious, to be exact) creates a snowball effect in your English – you get stuck, become nervous or confused, and you start making silly grammar mistakes that don’t usually make ?

This is why simple pronunciation hacks and proper practice can increase your confidence as you get stuck less in those situations.

So… yeah, you guessed it!
A pronunciation hack is on its way!!

Today we’re talking about how to master the Flap T and R transition as in the words computer, water, later, and hotter.

For this lesson I even created a special pdf and audio practice, so you can practice it in words and sentences and really feel the change.

Watch: Master the FLAP T -> R transition

FREE DOWNLOAD: Master the flap T + R transition

Download practice sheet with words and sentences to practice this transition effectively!

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8 Comments on “Flap T and R transition”

  1. Thanks to you, I am finally get a NY accent. I have tried voice lessons, but this is the first time I have training g in pronunciation.

  2. Dear Hadar,
    Thanks for all you help. This topic was absolutely new to me, will try.
    At the same time, one of my problems is the difference in pronunciation of words ex. “flour” and “flower”.

  3. An amazing class indeed. For the first time It was easy to hear and understand all the nuances in pronouncing that very difficult words. Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks ?
    my pronunciation is not bad … but the explanation helps a lot for learning the technique
    Greeting ?

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