5 things I wish I knew about English Fluency when I was 20

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When I started teaching English and pronunciation, I thought it was all about teaching and learning pronunciation.
Makes sense, no? A teacher teaches.

Not groundbreaking news as far as I’m concerned.

But as I started getting a few students I realized that I’m becoming 90% teacher, 4% accountant, 4% salesperson, and 2% office manager.

Then teaching took up 80% of my time and 20% went to other aspects in my business and my personal growth, and with every year that went by, I was teaching less and focusing more on a whole bunch of other things that had nothing to do with English.

Things like:

– Productivity
– Marketing
– Copywriting
– Mindset
– Leadership skills
– Well-being
– Management skills
– Time management

I had to learn how to take responsibility for my mistakes, overcome limitations, stay committed (even when it was hard and boring), and develop a thick skin when people felt like they needed to share with me how incompetent I am.

I realized that being successful at what I do was not about how much I teach, but about the person I become.

And every time I felt stuck in my business or my teaching, reaching a breakthrough wasn’t about learning more or teaching more, but about changing something in myself so I could overcome the obstacles I was facing and grow.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with English. I’ll tell you.

Just like becoming a good English teacher is the best vehicle for me to help people, being fluent is the best vehicle for you to impact people around you and get what you want in life.

Which means that fluency, too, is not achieved by working with the best teachers, speaking English 24/7, downloading the perfect app or discovering the best learning strategies.

It’s about the person you’re becoming.

Have you ever wondered what all those fluent speakers of English have in common? Those who speak English so confidently in meetings and videos – even though English is not their native language?

They probably all share the 5 characteristics that are a must, if you want to shift from speaking a language to owning a language.

This is Part 2 of the ‘Finally Fluent in 2021’ video series. In Part 1 we talked about how to review the passing year. Watch Part 1 and download the Year-in-Review Workbook here, so you can step into your full English potential in 2021. CLICK HERE to WATCH Part 1 of the Series

May you have a healthy, prosperous, and joyful year.




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7 Comments on “5 things I wish I knew about English Fluency when I was 20”

  1. Thank you Hadar

    i love your preformance through the wonderful videos, every morning with a cup of hot coffee I listen to you and really enjoy your American diction. you are my Guru for American accent studies. thank you.

    1. Hello,
      This is Karen from Team Shemesh. Thank you for your warm message!
      I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed Hadar’s video. Keep up the good work 🙂
      We wish you all the best with your English journey!

  2. Dear Hadar, this has been by far the most motivating video concerning not only the learning of English or the reaching of a breakthrough in English, but it is also applicable to the fulfillment of any thing you want to accomplish in your life. You really gave me and your followers a superb lesson. Thank you so much! I will certainly follow your pieces of advise.
    I hope you are ok with your family.

  3. Dear Hadar ! Thank you for your superb video.
    You are right ! Language learning needs the same attitude patterns as any other Intellectual accomplishment. (For my all – I’m 86 years old – previous achievements, such as MD, PhD, DSc) I needed the same attributes and behavior fragments you described and analyzed in your video. It had been fabulous if you had come back in time those days to help me.
    Happy new year ! Laszlo

  4. As a person who is trying to improve his English, I am beyond grateful to scream from the top of my lungs (metaphorically speaking, you know) that this website has been one of the best discoveries of this challening year that is coming to an end.

    I want to thank you Hadar for your inspiring words, for sharing your blinding light with all of us, but overall, thanks for being simply yourself.

    Gràcies!!! (this means thanks in Catalan).

  5. Hi teacher you are great with class.I like you speaking english .
    I like you teaching .I don’t participate in the zoom .I speaking litte a English need more study and practice .next I participated.

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