American English Vowels | Pronunciation Masterclass

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Today I’m bringing you into my classroom for a pronunciation masterclass! 

We will go over ALL the vowels in American English as I teach you how to read the IPA chart (International Phonetic Alphabet) of American English.


Scroll down to download my IPA vowel chart (with example words) to be able to know how to pronounce ANYTHING!

FREE DOWNLOAD: English IPA Vowels Chart

Get my vowel chart with example words, so you’ll be able to read with CONFIDENCE any word written in IPA (In dictionaries, for example) !

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8 Comments on “American English Vowels | Pronunciation Masterclass”

  1. Watched and listened to your pronunciation of Hoummus, and was totally delighted and unexpectedly surprised when you slipped seamlessly into Ivrit. To be honest I dislike your manufactured American accent, and from what you said…. your boss’s Israeli accent was simply charming! Also, watched your tutorial on phonetics and enjoyed your review of the IPA system. !שיהיה לך יום מהנה

  2. Excellent lesson ? Seeing the IPA vowels chart really helps me become aware of the sound placement and what the tongue should be doing. Thank you so much.

  3. The IPA chart (that you have provided) has been very helpful. I am a contestant of English Olympiad and hats off to your video which has made my understanding of the basic concept of IPA and Pronunciation, better. Thank You very much and I have a request for you to upload a video on how to spell the letter, ‘t’, because I have heard and even seen in movies that it is spelled as ‘d’, in American English. So for my clarification, please accept my request.

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