American English Prosody | 3-part video series

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This is a three-part video series about English Prosody: intonation, rhythm, word stress, syllable stress, linking, and more.

In these lessons, I teach you the things I hardly talk about in my videos as it requires an in-depth discussion. This live video series is an opportunity for me to dive deep into what I believe to be the essence of spoken English.

If you struggle with your clarity, with engaging people and with speaking with impact, this video series is a MUST WATCH for you.

Make sure you watch them soon as it will only be available till the end of September 2019.

American Prosody PART ONE: What is Schwa? How can we detect the primary stress in words? What words do we stress in a sentence? 


American Prosody PART TWO: How do we stress words in English? How do we know what words to stress? What is phrasing? 




American Prosody PART THREE: Intonation, Attitude and Sentence stress.

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3 Comments on “American English Prosody | 3-part video series”

  1. I like your teaching English, so I like to see your videos which are very helpful for myself.
    Because of that I give you a huge thank you.

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