10 most used words in academia/education

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If you’re a student, teacher or an English learner you must’ve come across at least one of the words I'm going to discuss in this video.

And when I say ‘come across' I mean…
Tried saying it, but weren’t sure of what’s coming out of your mouth.
You were not sure if the stress is in the right place if you’re using the right sounds, or maybe you were just saying it the way you are saying it in your native tongue (many of these words are loan words, which means that the root is the same in many languages. For example academia, methodology.

In today's video you’re going to learn how to pronounce the following words: Methodology, student, syllabus, curriculum, academia, student (simple word, but there's a trick to it), campus (not: compass) and more.

Watch the video to never second-guess yourself again
when saying these words!

Wanna practice more and see results?

Download list and practice with audio the 10 most used words in Education

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