How to Pronounce Days of the Week

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How old were you when you first learned the say the days of the week?
Who taught you?
Was it your parents? Your ESL teacher? Your favorite TV show?

Whoever it was, days of the week is one of the first things we learn in English.
And.. since these words are so so basic… have you ever considered the way you pronounce words like Sunday, Thursday or Saturday? Words that you use on a daily basis?

I invite you to watch today’s video and listen with fresh ears to how these words are pronounced.

Let me know in the comments below what day is the most difficult for you to pronounce!

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7 Comments on “How to Pronounce Days of the Week”

  1. Hi Hadar:

    I finally know how to say Saturday with the N.Y accent. I will explain by writing it this way, Sadder dei.


  2. hi,this is a great video,thank a ton ! you’re a wonderful favorite day of the week is friday because it is one step from the people speak currently english in tel aviv with the amercan accent ? i’m from paris

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