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If you speak English as a second language, you already know that improving your accent is important

So, I'm not going to tell you that.

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times on YouTube and possibly in other programs that you took, being the motivated self-learner that you are.

After all, you KNOW that improving your accent will significantly boost your confidence and clarity and will give you an advantage when speaking.

You also know that when people don’t understand you, it creates a barrier and accentuates the cultural gap, leaving you to not only feel like you are not good enough, but also miss out on opportunities in work and in life.

But what I am going to tell you is, once you improve your accent, you’ll also be able to...

Significantly boost your English fluency and flow

When you master pronunciation, you get stuck A LOT less. You’re no longer self-conscious about how you pronounce words or how you sound. Your mouth muscles are toned, and the words flow out freely.

Create international work and study opportunities

When you feel more confident and capable in your communication in English, you are likely to pursue better jobs, apply for higher positions (something that you may not have had the courage to do before) or apply for the international school you’ve been dreaming of.

Speak persuasively so others really listen

Using the right intonation helps you deliver a message in a clear, compelling way. It engages people and stirs emotions. People will want to listen to you.

Give presentations in English like a rockstar

You will jump at the opportunity to speak in front of people. It will no longer be scary or intimidating but exciting and challenging (good challenging!).

If speaking with a clear, easy-to-understand accent were easy, everyone would sound like Gal Gadot. But it’s not.

But you’ve been working on your accent already, right?

You’ve watched pronunciation lessons on YouTube, you’ve done many imitation exercises, and you’ve practiced the tips you received.

You’ve listened to podcasts and read books (out loud!).

Maybe you’ve even registered for an accent course, bought a book about American Accent or taken a private lesson, but you’ve never seen lasting results or been able to follow through to the end.

This is why most English learners don’t see lasting and satisfying results even if they invest time and $:

Without a clear, step-by-step plan with guidance, support and accountability, English learners get lost.

They become overwhelmed with information, not being able to decipher between the valuable and worthless, and they spend so much time practicing sounds, not even sure if they’re practicing them correctly or not.

Here’s why this is incredibly discouraging:

You are a busy person. You have to pay your bills, perhaps you have a family to take care of, and you are working to develop your career. Oh, and there’s Netflix, too;)

No wonder that by the time you find those few minutes to study during the day, you want it to be effective and to see results.

Because if you don’t feel the improvement, you start resenting the practice. It becomes so… incredibly… discouraging.

But even if you feel like you’ve failed before, it is not too late as long as you follow the right path and don’t repeat the same mistakes other learners make:

The 4 Reasons Why Most Non-native Speakers Generally Fail To Improve Their Accent

(and How to Make Sure You Won’t)


Not focusing on improving perception

It seems like it’s impossible to improve your accent and clarity without having someone give you feedback.

“How can I tell if I’m practicing the right sound?” “Maybe I’m just repeating the same mistake?”

The only way to gain lasting results is by developing your listening and perception skills so you’re able to distinguish between the different sounds of English, even the ones that sound the same to you. That way you are able to give YOURSELF feedback, and confidently practice your pronunciation.


Not practicing effectively

Improving your pronunciation is not ambiguous nor intuitive. You don’t have to have a “musical ear” or to be talented at learning languages. You also don’t need to be 4 years old (they say it’s easier then).

For so many people practicing pronunciation means watching a video, saying a few words once or twice, and then expecting to use it effortlessly from now on until eternity when speaking.
I like the idea, don’t get me wrong, but the body doesn’t really work that way.

Changing your pronunciation means changing your habits. Training your mouth to do things differently. As you know, the body really likes to stay in its comfort zone.
So, to change that, you have to develop muscle memory for the new placements.
It’s time to have the right set of drills in the right sequence to really get your mouth to do what YOU want it to do.


Drowning yourself with information

There’s so much free content out there. Hundreds of thousands of pronunciation videos, reduction videos, intonation videos, R’s, L’s, TH’s galore.

“What video should I watch?” “Maybe there’s something better?” “Do I even need that?”

You get lost in the search, and on the way there, you’re receiving so much information that your brain wants to explode.
You don’t know where to start and what to do. And this overwhelm is crippling.
So, you end up NOT doing.

Once you find a voice you trust, follow it and stick with it until you see results. The more content, explanations, and videos you watch or read, the more distracted you get, and the more valuable time you spend instead of sitting on your butt doing the actual work that will get you results.


Setting the bar too high

When you think that the only way to sound natural is by losing your accent completely and sounding like a native speaker, you set the bar so high that the journey there seems impossible. Anything coming out of your mouth that is not a “perfect” native sound (what’s native, anyway?), seems to you like a failure.

It’s time to understand that an accent is not a bad thing. You don’t have to mask it or hide it.
The real reason for you to work on your accent and pronunciation should be to gain your power and confidence back. To become effortless and natural without working too hard and exhausting yourself after speaking.To be clear and engaging when speaking so that you never feel like a sidekick but like a leader.

As you see, finding resources to help you improve your accent is not hard.

But without a clear plan, and an understanding of your individual needs, you might feel lost and won’t be able to get off the hamster wheel.

Therefore, the best way to achieve confidence and gain power in English is to avoid the noise and follow a step-by-step plan with an effective practice system and guidance that will pave you the path to real transformation and breakthrough. And I’d love to help you do that.


Command Your English

The complete A-Z course for non-native English speakers who struggle with their spoken English
and want to communicate clearly, confidently, and fluently.

״It didn't take long to feel the difference in my English. I was happy to finally find somebody who had an answer for my long-lasting-night-mare-like puzzle. I told myself: "Yes!! That's what I'm talking about!" I came out from a long foggy tunnel at last and just started to open my wings. Thank you so much for leading us all the way up here. I feel like I can see things from different angles now. I feel like English is not controlling me anymore. You definitely changed my life.
Seiko Weber

I’ve taken everything I learned from being an English learner with tremendous insecurities and a thick accent, and from teaching thousands of students around the world for over 10 years (seeing their successes and breakthroughs time after time), and I’ve poured it into a step-by-step program that teaches you not only the theory but also gets you to practice and implement the work so you see immediate results

Companies that purchased the
Accent Makeover program for their employees

“I speak with more confidence. I pay more attention to sounds, and I notice English speakers feel more confident about keeping a conversation with me than before the course.”
Isabel Romay
Accent Makeover isn’t so much
a training program as it is a
transformational program
Yes, you’ll learn the strategies and theories behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result: You will speak English with a clear and compelling accent and feel comfortable and confident expressing yourself in any situation.

The Accent Makeover Course
Is the first of it’s kind that…

Coaches you to spot your mistakes

You’ll learn how to identify if you’re making the right sound or not so you no longer feel lost and dependent on others. 

Teaches you practice techniques that work

You’ll get exercises that keep you engaged and motivated with an easy-to-use platform and clear instructions. The weekly live workshops with me, practice groups, and the private Facebook group will help you stay motivated and hold you accountable to do the work.

Focuses you only on what YOU need

The 80/20 of what you need to learn and practice in order to get the best results, without overwhelm and wasting time practicing things you don’t need.

Builds your confidence

How to step into the fluent mindset and let go of the self-judgment and insecurities. 

I think this course goes way beyond accent and pronunciation. Just like Hadar goes above and beyond, you'll boost your confidence, open up, and meet amazing people in the community too. It's also very motivating to see a non-native speak like a native. Hadar makes you believe that if you do the work and focus on key elements, you'll get there! Plus, if you take the course again after a year, you'll see it's even better the second time around!
Lurranne Jouno
This course has given me the opportunity to rethink my way of seeing the language. It has provided me with different tools that I never thought could be so helpful, interesting, challenging, fun, and practical. Just by following these steps I can easily identify the problem and start working on it. It's a course everyone should sign up for!
Luciana Caccese


Each module in Accent Makeover contains video lessons and practice exercises that are designed to move you forward in your transformation. You can watch the recorded video lessons on your own time and at your own pace (no need to show up live at a certain time)
Click the module number to learn about the lessons.

Learning the foundations of English Pronunciation

As you start this journey I will take you through the sounds of English, and introduce you to the terms we’ll use throughout the course. This will give you more clarity and help you categorize the sounds in your head. Then, we will master two key sounds, that understanding them and using them correctly will help you command your tongue and gain immediate clarity.

  • Personal accent evaluation task
  • American Accent introduction and overview
  • The /th/ sound
  • The Schwa /ə/ (the secret of American pronunciation)
  • The Schwa: Listening and perception exercise
  • ‘Th’ mastery technique
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • An interactive practice area

The open vowel sounds of English

Now that you’ve started commanding your tongue, in module two you will be learning to relax your jaw and pronounce two very popular vowel sounds that require quite a generous mouth opening (you will also learn how to be comfortable doing that)

  • The /æ/ as in ‘cat’ vowel sound
  • The /ɑ/ as in ‘father’ vowel sound
  • Comparing /æ/ vs /ɑ/
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • How to pronounce words with suffixes (long words)
  • The voiced and unvoiced sibilants: /z/ /s/ /ʃ/ /ʒ/
  • An interactive practice area

Here, we’re laying out the basis for the work we are going to do on American intonation throughout the course.

Applying the intonation of English will help you sound more engaging, interesting and clear. You’ll learn what words to stress in English (and see how it’s different from your native tongue) when speaking, without sounding fake and unnatural when stressing words the ‘wrong’ way. Also, we’ll discuss reductions which will help you deliver your message clearly and understand native speakers so much better.

  • Introduction to intonation: content words vs function words
  • Intonation: content words
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • Intonation: function words (reductions)
  • Three effective practice and implementation techniques
  • TED talk analysis
  • An interactive practice area

Back to pronunciation! This module will help you strengthen your pronunciation muscles and find the right placement to pronounce two sounds that often challenge non-native speakers - The R and L.

  • The strong /r/
  • The /r/ vowel (soft /r/)
  • The /ɜ/ as in ‘stir’
    Comparing similar /r/ vowels to avoid confusion
  • The light and dark /l/
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • The R boot-camp: a 30-day 6-min daily exercise to master the R
  • An interactive practice area

In this module we’re starting to weave together intonation and pronunciation, after all, they always go together. You’ll learn how to distinguish between a similar vowel pair:( sheep-ship) and practice your intonation as you’re practicing the sounds. We’ll also tap into American rhythm, and why it’s so important to hear the difference between the long words and short words.

  • The tense /i/ as in ‘see’
  • The lax /ɪ/ as in ‘sit’
  • Comparing /i/-/ɪ/
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • American rhythm
  • Intonation and rhythm speech analysis
  • Finding vocal power
  • Grammar hack: on, in, at
  • An interactive practice area

In this module, we’ll dive deeper into the subtle (yet important) nuances of English, and learn how to distinguish between similar sounds

  • The flap /t/ as in ‘ butter’
  • The tense /u/ as in ‘food’
  • The lax /ʊ/ as in ‘foot’
  • Comparing /u/ - /ʊ/
  • The /ng/ consonant
  • How to pronounce the /-s/ suffix
  • American intonation speech analysis
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • An interactive practice area

In this module, we’re going to advance you in the direction of speaking effortlessly, implementing the work in your day to day speech and continue mastering the subtleties of English.

  • The /ʌ/ sound
  • Comparing similar vowels: cap-cup-cop/hat-hut-hot
  • A listening comprehension quiz
  • Connected speech
  • Dialogue practice
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • An interactive practice area

In the last module, we’ll explore a few final sounds and help you improve the flow of your speech. Afterward, we’ll wrap it up by summarizing our journey and you’ll get practical strategies to implement the work and to get to the next level.

  • Diphthongs: the /oʊ/ as in ‘go
  • Diphthongs: the /eɪ/ as in ‘day)
  • The different /t/ sounds in American English
  • Fast speech practice
  • Course summary
  • How to get to the next level workshop
  • ‘How to get it right’ practice guide
  • An interactive practice area

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get FREE Access to:

(A $228 /YEAR VALUE)

Exclusive Bonus:

Private members-only Facebook group

In the group, you’ll find the most incredible, motivated, and intelligent people, who are serious about their personal development and are there to grow and to cheer you on as you progress. There you’ll be able to…

  • Upload your practice videos, ask questions and get support and feedback from other members and our Accent Mentors.
  • Listen to other people’s work and feedback, and develop your listening skills and perception.
  • Ask me questions and interact with me on my WEEKLY live Q&A broadcasts
  • Create connections and practice with other members online.
  • Participate in fun and out-of-the-box activities. 
(A $490 VALUE)

Exclusive Bonus:

10 coaching sessions with Hadar

Live interactive group lessons online (via ZOOM) for in-depth practice and individual feedback
  • Weekly lessons that will accommodate all time zones (for this you will need to show up live)
  • In-depth practice of the course material and beyond
  • Get feedback from Hadar and work with her individually during the session
  • Learn from her work with other students 
  • Get to watch the recording even if you miss a call
(A $197 VALUE)

Exclusive Bonus:

Daily practice toolkit

56 different guided practice recordings that will keep you in shape and simplify your practice routine

  • Two months’ worth of daily 10-min recordings for when the program ends.
  • A simple and accessible set of recordings that’ll help you sustain your achievements and improve your results (without wondering what to practice or wasting time searching for it).
  • The entire toolkit will cover all the content learned in the course and more.
(A $97 VALUE)

Exclusive Bonus:

How to make small talk fun and meaningful

Feeling insecure when making small talk? This 60 min workshop will give you the tools and motivation to succeed in casual social situations.

  • The small talk mindset you need to adopt
  • Do’s and don’ts of small talk
  • Breakdown of common questions/ conversation topics in terms of pronunciation, meaning, and attitude.
  • Safety nets to use when you get stuck in a conversation

You’ve got nothing to lose

(but your accent)​

The Accent Makeover Course is going to introduce you to a method that’ll dissolve the things that you dislike about your English, and give you the freedom to speak smoothly without self-judgement… with certainty… with excitement.

And here’s the good news:

If you decide that this program is NOT for you, you can ask for a FULL refund within the first 14 days, and get your entire investment back no questions asked.

So you actually get complete access to the first two modules of the course, before making the final decision. 
More about our refund policy

Imagine what the world would be like if...

English was no longer an obstacle, but a stepping stone to achieving your dreams.

Join Today and Get...

The Full

Accent Makeover


(a $897 Value)






and every tool you need to get you to
significantly improve your spoken English
with confidence and ease.

Learn and master all the important sounds of American English via effective practice.

Understand and use American intonation to speak with impact.

Improve your listening skills so you can recognize the elements of speech and develop your ability to give yourself feedback with a “How to get it right” guide for each sound.​

Know what to practice and how at any given moment (with our full support in case you get lost).

Analyze and practice TED talks, dialogues, speeches, and movie monologues for effective implementation of the work.​

Fun, interactive community practice, conversations, and exercises if you want to get out of your comfort zone and learn with others.​

(A ridiculously low investment when you consider the opportunities you will get once your English will do the work for you!)
But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

5 Payments Of

$ 86
per month
  • Lifetime access to accent makeover
  • Private FB group
  • 10 Live group lessons
  • Small talk workshop
  • Daily practice toolkit for effective practice
  • English resource list

Pay Upfront

single Payment Of

$ 397
  • Lifetime access to accent makeover
  • Private FB group
  • 10 Live group lessons
  • Small talk workshop
  • Daily practice toolkit for effective practice
  • English resource list
SAVE 33$
“The course astonished me as a whole. I knew it would be a good course, but I was surprised by the quality of the material, the detailed videos, the complete support of Hadar and her willingness to help us full time.”
Adriana Nicolodi
Need help ordering or got questions?

Imagine what the world would be like if...

English was no longer an obstacle, but a stepping stone to achieving your dreams.

What our awesome students say about the course:
“The course pinpoints those fine details that Native speakers don’t even think about and Non-native speakers generally are not able to detect on their own.”
“The course teaches us the accent step by step in a very clear and enjoyable way”
“This course has opened up my mind to new possibilities with English pronunciation and, the fact you can always re-visit the lessons, it’s beyond awesome!”
“I can easily say it was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself”
“Hadar’s unique method is adjusted to each of us different level. It doesn’t matter where you are now, she will bring you up into a different level anyway.”
“This course goes deep analyzing the do’s, don’ts, and why’s of English pronunciation.”
“The investment is a small fragment of the amount of knowledge that you acquire for your entire life.”


What people asked before saying “Yes, Ma’am!!” to the ACCENT MAKEOVER program

I know it’s hard to believe, but from my own experience and from my students’ experience, accent training is not any different from any other muscle training – if you do the work, it will stick. You will create new habits instead of continuing to use your old ones. You just need to be super clear about what you’re doing and have the right system to practice.

Feedback is important, but you don’t want to be too dependent on it. A part of the training is to teach you how to be your own “speech coach” so you can spot your mistakes with confidence. This is exactly why I created the “How to get it right” guide to help you be more clear about your progress. Aside from that, you will definitely have time to interact with me and get my feedback during the live coaching sessions, the Facebook lives, and inside the Facebook group.

Every week on Monday, you will get access to a new module with a set of pre-recorded videos lessons and a new interactive practice area. You’ll also get an email explaining what you need to do this week with a suggested daily plan (what you need to do every day, and how long should it take you), so you can watch and practice at you own time and pace. In addition to that, we will have 10 live group coaching sessions during each week of the program where you get to work 1:1 with me. For that you WILL have to show up at a certain time (and don’t worry, we will be accommodating all time zones!). If you miss it, you’ll be able to watch the replay.

I know, learning English can be overwhelming and everything seems important. First, by the fact that you direct the spotlight onto one element of spoken English, it doesn’t mean the rest disappears. English is an ongoing journey with many things to learn.
Even if you’re just starting out, improving your pronunciation is super helpful and will help you as you enhance your vocabulary and improve your grammar. Also, you’ll be creating new healthy pronunciation habits right at the outset. As long as you understand my videos and are able to conduct a basic conversation in English, this course will be extremely beneficial for you.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t like committing to something you are not 100% sure of. This is why I offer you to join the course and try it out for the first two weeks.
If you decide by the end of 14 days that it’s not for you, just send us a quick email to hello@ accentsway.com, and you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.

Once you sign up, you will get an email that’ll grant you access to the member website, so you can get started with the introduction video, explore my favorite resources, and get a head start on the self-evaluation task (don’t skip it!). Then I might ask you to jump in and introduce yourself in our awesome Facebook group, while in the meantime, you’ll get in your email a few golden tips on how to succeed in this program. On Monday, September 23rd, the first module will unlock, and the games will begin.

Accent Makeover
is perfect for you if:
  • You just started exploring and improving your pronunciation and intonation, and you want to make sure you get it right from the start, using only the best techniques and strategies out there.
  • You’ve been working to improve your accent for a while but you're still unsatisfied with the results and want a better outcome from your hard work.
  • You use English and are happy with your performance, but you know that with a few tweaks and fine-tuning, you can 10x your performance and really shine.
  • You have no problem investing a couple of hours out of your week knowing that every bit of energy invested in this course is going to lead you to your desired breakthrough in English.
  • In fact, you’re already investing a lot of energy in learning from videos, practicing tricky sounds, reading out loud, speaking as much as possible … but without a clear strategy that ties all of the things together, you’ve mostly experienced frustration and overwhelm, and if you still feel self-conscious when speaking then – what’s the point?
  • You know that what life has in store for you requires you to speak English, and you are not willing to show up as an average speaker anymore, but ready to show up as a leader.
  • You’re eager to see immediate results in your speech and can’t wait to speak without feeling like you have a set of weights inside your mouth.
  • You’re thrilled that you have the option of testing this program for 14 days to see if it works for you! It’s super simple, either you do the work and see that the change that you’ve gained in two weeks is more than a full year of studying alone, or… You shoot us an email and we take you out of this program and give you your $$ back no questions asked.
If any of the above resonates for you, I can’t wait to welcome you to the Accent Makeover course and provide you with the most comprehensive and methodological implementation program available.

Pay Monthly

5 Payments Of

$ 86
per month
  • Lifetime access to accent makeover
  • Private FB group
  • 10 Live group lessons
  • Small talk workshop
  • Daily practice toolkit for effective practice
  • English resource list

Pay Upfront

single Payment Of

$ 397
  • Lifetime access to accent makeover
  • Private FB group
  • 10 Live group lessons
  • Small talk workshop
  • Daily practice toolkit for effective practice
  • English resource list
SAVE 33$
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