Clubhouse APP: A New Social Platform that will Skyrocket your Communication Skills

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I usually don’t talk about other products that are not mine, and I’m NOT a fan of promoting social media platforms.

As someone who tries really hard to keep clear boundaries around how much I use my phone, especially during lockdowns when my girls are at home 24/7, god knows I really don’t need another social media platform to use.

But… then I found Clubhouse. And I was like… HOLD IT!
There’s something in this!
Not in terms of building-my-business and getting-more-followers (not that that's bad, of course). But mainly because I discovered it to be English practice & communication heaven.

According to their website “Clubhouse is a new type of social product based on voice. It allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

And the way I see it, this new platform essentially requires a new way of communication.
Since there’s no video and no chat, all you have is your VOICE.

How do you stay engaging, persuasive and interesting, when you can’t SEE people’s reactions?
How can you sustain the energy of your speech when you can’t HEAR their excited AH-HA’s and ‘you’re right’ when speaking.

How can you sense when to stop, if there’s no one barging into your sentences?

How do you gather the courage to start speaking when no one calls your name, yet you know you should say something?

Many of the challenges we occasionally face in meetings, speaking engagements, Q&A’s, and presentations, are constantly addressed on Clubhouse.

Also, the app is so diverse. You get to hear so many voices, dialects, and accents, which actually shows you what REAL English sounds like, and not the simulacrum of English as can be found on English YouTube videos or even in Hollywood.

*Simulacrum – an image or representation of something, without the substance or qualities of the original.

This is why I actually think that this platform is a game-changer when it comes to improving your communication skills and speaking confidence. Especially, ESPECIALLY if you don’t get to speak English very often, and you know you should be speaking more to improve.

For today, I made a short video describing what clubhouse is, and how you can use it to boost your fluency and confidence.

I’ll also tell you about my first interaction on Clubhouse that was pretty… how shall I put this mildly… lame.

Watch: Clubhouse APP: A New Social Platform that will Skyrocket your Communication Skills ?

Now yes, I know – live, spontaneous English conversation with strangers can be scary, but I promise that when you start using it regularly, you will see the impact it has on your fluency and confidence!

This app is not available to everyone YET, but if you’re a part of the InFluency community and you have an iPhone or iPad, we’ll be passing invites inside the community.

Join the InFluency community

I hope this helps!

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15 Comments on “Clubhouse APP: A New Social Platform that will Skyrocket your Communication Skills”

  1. Thanks Haddar for telling us about the clubhouse. It’s a good opportunity and I want to join it.
    Have a good day.

  2. Dear Hadar ! Thank you for sending me your video which is superb as usual. Thank you so much for informing about the Club House movement. I believe, as you described its aims and its functioning, it is particularly important our present epoch scourged by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s obvious, that today any kind of interpersonal contacts have become confined and more difficult than before. So, the recent virus pandemic goes simultaneously on with a loneliness pandemic. Particularly, in the elderly and middle aged population. All sorts of interpersonal activities, such as language learning, individual discussion about scientific problems or talking about arts in an intimate, individually tuned environment. Listen to music with special people inclined to listen such sort of music. I myself would belong with pleasure to such a Club House. Laszlo

  3. Hi Hadar How are you I would like to participate at the Clubhouse app of course because is other strategy for learn English. Thanks a lot

    Gloria Narváez Reyes

  4. Hi, Hadar,
    It is a good idea. I would like you to send me the link to clubhouse app. I would love to join the community for sure.

  5. Hi Hadar ,C
    clubhouse It’s so very good idea !! I’l like to partecipate !

  6. Hi Hadar!
    Please, could you help me with Clubhouse app?
    I would like to participate

  7. Hi Hadar!
    Please, could you help me with Clubhouse app?
    I would like to participate

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