Say Goodbye to Traditional BUSINESS ENGLISH Vocabulary Lists! with Lindsay from All Ears English

Business English Vocabulary
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Do you work in English?

If you do, and you’re like most people, you must have felt that it’s sometimes hard to find the balance between being formal but still feeling authentic.

Or maybe, if you’re like most people, you’ve also downloaded Business English vocabulary lists from the internet, only to discover it’s overwhelming and nobody really uses all those words and fancy idioms anymore.

This and more will be discussed in this episode as I interview Lindsay McMahon, the founder and host of the All Ears English podcast.

Lindsay will share with you what she’s discovered after hours of research of the language people ACTUALLY use in the workplace, as well as other tips on how to feel confident and authentic at work in 2020.

Then leave me a comment with one word that you use the MOST when you’re at work:

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2 Comments on “Say Goodbye to Traditional BUSINESS ENGLISH Vocabulary Lists! with Lindsay from All Ears English”

  1. Thank you Hadar and Lindsay McMahon for this amazing video. There are so many interesting things that are different from my old point of view for using words when I was at work, how to prepare for meeting, and for business at all.
    Thank you for opportunity to be with you.

  2. There are many teachers of English who don’t have opportunities to improve their methodology, strategies ans techniques to teach Enfglish and this kind of activity helps us and we feel that we can change and prepare in the best way to teach better. Thanks a lot Mis Hadar, and go ahead.

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