How to pronounce ‘Bourgeois’

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Did you know that there are many English words that are derived from French?
Some of them, for example: entrée, entrepreneur, genre and bourgeois keep the French spelling patterns, what makes it quite difficult for us to know how to pronounce them (not that non-french spelling patterns are always easy..).

In this video we’ll break down the word bourgeois, understand how to pronounce it and learn how to avoid common pronunciation mistakes.

How to pronounce bourgeois:

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5 Comments on “How to pronounce ‘Bourgeois’”

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  3. I agree that it usually has a negative connotation, but when you think about it, this words is just a way to describe a social class. However, this class is often criticised because its core values are property related…

  4. I think burgeois is usually thought of as a mean class of people
    May be I’m wrong but it is almost always connoted negatively

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