When I lived in NY I had a French roommate with a beautiful accent.
One day he came up to me and said, Hadar I’m really angry!
After providing a few lame excuses of why the dishes are still in the sink, he’d laugh and say – no, not ANGRY, HUNGRY! Let’s get something to eat. Of course, it still sounded the same to me.

Why do the words ‘angry’ and hungry’ sound similar sometimes?
And did you know that there’s a new word in English – ‘Hangry’?
Care to know what it means?

Watch today’s video: The Angry, the Hungry and the Hangry


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Before you go I have a couple of questions for you:

What’s your biggest frustration with your accent and/or with English?
What’s the one thing about Accent training you haven’t been able to find
information about?

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Next week we’re going to talk about the word…’mirror’!
And I have to tell you, it’s much easier than you think.

See you next week,


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