R Boot Camp: Daily Drill to Pronounce the R in English FREELY and EFFORTLESSLY

R Boot Camp: Daily Drill to use the R in English FREELY and EFFORTLESSLY
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Download the FREE R practice sheet and audio

How frustrating is it to KNOW how to pronounce the R in English, but when you need to use it…it’s not there for you! (Or it feels like you have mud in your mouth?)

I mean, why is your RRRR not listening to you?!?!

But worry not, because I got you covered.

If you do this R BOOT CAMP every day for 2 weeks, you will see how it is SO MUCH EASIER FOR YOU to use the R freely, and spontaneously when speaking.
It’s all a matter of developing your muscle memory.

You can pair it up with my morning pronunciation practice.

And you’re good to go 😉

In this drill, first we practice the R before different vowels and really get comfortable with those transitions. Then, we’ll work on 2 tricky sounds that sound similar to the R: the L and the W. We’ll also practice the R after different vowels and build your muscle memory. Once you’re done, we’ll move to practice the R sound in different clusters and from there we’ll move to full words and sentences.
And don’t forget, when you’re done, put ‘DONE’ in the comments below!

Also, was there any drill in particular that you feel helped you the most?

Download the FREE practice R sheet and audio

and practice the R till you make it your OWN!

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