July4th special ?How to pronounce 4th of July & Fireworks

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It’s the 4th of July! 

And since I teach American English, it is only expected that I  acknowledge it with an appropriate video:)

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  1. How to pronounce ‘fireworks’ without biting your tongue
  2. How to pronounce 4th of July effortlessly (Yes, there’s a trick)
  3. What silent fireworks are and why do we need them (a short interview with my student Shirly Kantor, a silent (or quiet) fireworks activist. 

Watch my Fourth of July special: 

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5 Comments on “July4th special ?How to pronounce 4th of July & Fireworks”

  1. Hi Hadar,

    Wow, That’s a great idea to watch fireworks without pummeling ears.

    silent fireworks would help many children and animals to cope with noise that firework making.

    Thank you for sharing this idea.


  2. Hi Hadar, how you doing?
    I am Issam from Morocco. Yesterday I lived this experience in Dallas, really fascinating.

  3. Good morning, Hadar. Launching “Silent fireworks” is an excellent idea! Launching “Silent fireworks” is an excellent idea! Well done! For all the people who are spreading this idea and sharing this campaign.

    There are two beautiful and loved pets in our family. We know how much they suffer when there is a celebration in my town, and some people launch fireworks. Not only our pets suffer lot because of it, but all our family do. 🙁
    We try to spend the whole celebration supporting our dogs, hugging them, trying to calm them. Expecting no one of our dearest pets die because of the stress that the noise of fireworks cause on them. 🙁

  4. Hi Haddar,
    I find this idea excellent even if as French I am very keen on our fireworks on Bastille Day, held on the 14th of July. Even if I don’t have any post-traumatic stress disorder, I’ve always thought those explosions very unpleasant. And If I may, I would suggest to replace them not necessarily by silence but, why not?, by music. I am sure there are some artists able to accompany this kind of event with gift and creativity.
    Kind regards.

  5. The beauty of fireworks are the colors and lights . So I would love if they haven’t noise.
    I think is an excellent idea.
    This is just an idea or we already have this type of product to buy in the market ?

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