10 MIN Pronunciation Challenge [HARD!]

english pronunciation practice
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Download the script with the most challenging pronunciation practice Get PDF here

This is the most challenging pronunciation practice I have created by far. I must admit, some of these drills were tricky for me too! But that’s exactly what made it so much fun! So if you’re up for a challenge, you HAVE to practice this with me.

My pronunciation drills will help you become more aware of your mouth, and build your confidence when using tricky sounds, sound combinations, and words.

Pronunciation confidence is my unique teaching technique that has helped thousands of my students, and the students who have used different Sprints daily say that it works like MAGIC and they share incredible results.

The Most Challenging Pronunciation Practice

Get the script and practice on your own

Get it

Once you’re done watching, let me know in the comments which one was the most challenging one for you!👇

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16 Comments on “10 MIN Pronunciation Challenge [HARD!]”

  1. Wow i really loved this pronunciation challenge, it was so tricky for from time to time but not so much at all. Only i have some problems with the vowels pronunciation, i love practicing with you this pronunciation challenges and keep doing them, please 🙏🙏they’re amazing. I just signed up for receiving more of them. I’m thrilled with my progress with you, you encourage mw every single day in order to keep Going and not give up, thank you dear🤗🤗🤗

  2. Your video is awesome, I have missed a lot for the past years and I am ready to catch up. Thank a lot for tireless effort.

  3. Oh Hadar, You make laughing so much. You are very funny and an excellent teacher. This lesson was incredible. Difficult to me ? Very maybe 5 to 10.

  4. Hi Hadar!

    It was actually good fun and challenging, my scale was 3. Thank you for putting a lot of energy into this video.

  5. Thank you !
    I feel, you are showing here in these exercises that speech can mesmerize the speaker. Maybe, If I repeat the exercises unlimited I could reach the state of alert self-hypnosis. That could be a perfect way of installing new accent, rhythm and melody patterns. (In case of having a normal, healthy vocal apparatus.) Laszlo

  6. This is pretty amazing. I love you teaching style. It makes learning easy and very doable. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Hadar,
    even if I love tonguetwisters, even if I’ve done your Sprint master and I’m proud active Beyonder, it was freaky hard but awesome. I’ve enjoyed it much. And it was 9-10 (you know, I already know few of that tonguetwisters, but the last one was really devilish :-)). Thank you .

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