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Dmitry Rubinstein

I took Hadar's accent improvement course, and I felt an immediate and long lasting effect on my English pronunciation and ability to communicate with my American colleagues in an easy and flowing manner. On top of that, the course was a great fun. Hadar is a great instructor, who manages to present a complex issue of American pronunciation in an easy to digest form, and is a persistent instructor, who does not relent until every last one of the students is fully in control of the topic being learned. I can't recommend Hadar's course highly enough for everyone in daily communication with people from the US.

Lotan Kaplinsky

Hadar is the kind of professional who can keep everyone smiling and light hearted, while getting every single point of subject matter across. Her class is a joy to be in, and had helped me immensely in expressing myself whenever English is spoken. Highly recommended.

Tania Lanin

Even years after our practice sessions with Hadar are over, I can still say they were easily one of the best investments I've made in myself. I'm always aware of the little speech nuances now, noticing and practicing them like Hadar has taught me - I still keep improving! I used to feel very self-conscious about my dialect before. Even though it still isn't perfect, the most important outcome is that I feel completely confident speaking English now.

Tamar Yaron

Excellent technique and an outstanding teacher carve a path to improving my communication in English. Just as I hoped for. Highly recommended.

Itai Blizer

Great skills, admirable patience, and gift for teaching. Hadar is truly one of the most talented English accent teachers out there, highly recommended.

Yael Feldinger

Hadar is much more than a dialect coach. She will make you fall in love with English, and help you find the best and most unique way to express yourself.

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