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Yo! I’m Hadar, an accent and speaking coach, public speaker, communicator and English hacker. As a non-native speaker, I spent my life exploring and finding simple solutions to the most challenging issues non-native speakers face when speaking English.

I believe any training program should be fun, engaging (AKA not BORING) and inspire participants to take action.

This is why I created Accent’s Way, the first American Accent Training School in Israel that offers an untraditional, hands-on approach and focuses on verbal communication.

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What we can learn from Google Assistant about sounding natural

What can we learn about sounding natural in English from Google assistant's real conversation (analysis of...

Recipe vs. Receipt

Have you ever gotten the words RECIPE and RECEIPT confused because of the spelling?Or have you...
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How I lost my accent and became fluent in English

The 5 elements that helped me become and clear and fluent speaker of English: Imerssion, Methodology,...

What my awesome students say:


Yael Feldinger

Hadar is much more than a dialect coach. She will make you fall in love with English, and help you find the best and most unique way to express yourself.

Itai Blizer

Great skills, admirable patience, and gift for teaching. Hadar is truly one of the most talented English accent teachers out there, highly recommended.

Tamar Yaron

Excellent technique and an outstanding teacher carve a path to improving my communication in English.

Tania Lanin

One of the best investments I've made in myself.

Lotan Kaplinsky

Hadar has helped me immensely in expressing myself whenever English is spoken.

Dmitry Rubinstein

I felt an immediate and long lasting effect on my English pronunciation and ability to communicate with my American colleagues in an easy and flowing manner.
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